Why is Christmas day celebrate?


Christmas is an important festival of Christianity. It is celebrated every year on 25 December in most countries of the world. Christmas is celebrated as the birthday of secret man"Jesus Christ".

Story of Jesus birth

According to the Bible, the birth of Jesus, the God of Christianity, was born from the womb of Mother Mary. Mother Mary was a virgin before the birth of Christ. He was engaged to a man named Yusuf, the king of Dawood. One day the angels came to Mary and they said that soon you will have a child who will show this world the way of freedom from sufferings.

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Mother Mary hesitantly said that I am still single, how is this possible? The angels said that all this would happen through a miracle. Soon Mata Mariam and Yusuf were married. After marriage, both of them moved to a place called Bethlehem in the province of Judea. It was here that Jesus was born in the stables one night. Even today, people celebrate the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ as Christmas.


Teachings of Jesus

* Christ taught the world of unity and brotherhood. * He showed people the way to be close to God. * Jesus insisted on forgiving and seeking forgiveness. He also forgave his killers.

Santa Claus and Christmas

Santa Claus has become the identity of this festival along with cakes, gifts, mingling and decorating the Christmas tree. The image of Santa Claus is that of a chubby man who always wears red clothes and comes to sit on his sled giving gifts to children at Christmas. Today, without Santa Claus, the imagination of Christmas is incomplete for everyone.

There are many stories about Santa Claus. Many believe that in the fourth century Saint Nicholas, who was the bishop of the city of Turkey called Myra, was the real Santa. Saint Nicholas always gave gifts to the poor. People respected Saint Nicholas at that time. From that time on, Santa Claus was conceived.

Interesting fact of Christmas day

Fact No. 1: Christmas festival is celebrated every year on 25 December.

Fact No. 2: Christmas is celebrated on 6 January in the Armenian Apostolic Church.

Fact No. 3: This is the only festival on which almost the whole world remains on holiday.

Fact No. 4: The Christmas Day celebrations begin 12 days from Christmas.

Fact No. 5: Christmas is also called a big day.

Fact No. 6: In many countries, Christmas is also called St. Stephens Day or Feast of St. Stephens.

Fact No. 7: Christmas is a festival to celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus.

Fact No. 8: It is believed that Jesus Christ was born from 7 to 2 BC. happened.

Fact No. 9: Jesus Christ is the God of Christianity. Therefore, all Christians celebrate it with great pomp and show.

Fact No. 10: People read and follow the teachings of Lord Jesus Christ on this day. Jesus taught the world about unity and brotherhood and also showed people the way to be close to God. Read - The Precious Words of Jesus Christ

Fact No. 11: On December 24, the first day of Christmas, celebrations begin in many European countries.

Fact No. 12: Christmas preparations are removed after 12 days i.e. on the evening of 5 January.

Fact No. 13: Many secular and non-Christian people also celebrate Christmas as a cultural festival.

Fact No. 14: In the UK and Commonwealth countries, the next day of Christmas i.e. 26 December is celebrated as Boxing Day.

Fact No. 15: Santa Claus has great importance at Christmas. Christmas festival cannot be imagined without Santa Claus.

Fact No. 16: Many people remember Santa Claus on Christmas day, who bring gifts for children.
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Fact No. 17: The British had a major role in making Christmas famous outside the western countries. During his reign, the British propagated Christianity a lot in the world.

Fact No. 18: On the occasion of Christmas, there are ceremonies and decorations in the church and people give gifts to each other.

Fact No. 19: Almost everywhere on Christmas, the Christmas tree is decorated with colorful lights.

 Fact No. 20: Regarding Santa Claus, it is believed that in the fourth century Saint Nicholas who was the bishop of the city of Meera, Turkey, was the real Santa. Who always used to give gifts to the poor.

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