Why is World AIDS DAY cvelebrate and how did it begin ?

World aids day

Why is World AIDS DAY cvelebrate 
World Aids Day is celebrated every year on 1 December. 
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How did World Aids Day begin?

World Aids Day was first celebrated in August 1987 by a person named James W. Bunn and Thomas Neter. James W. Bunn and Thomas Netter were appointed as officers for the Global Program on AIDS (WHO) at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. James W. Bunn and Thomas Neter suggested to WHO Director Jonathan Mann of the Global Program on AIDS to celebrate World AIDS Day. Jonathan liked the idea of ​​celebrating World Aids Day and chose to celebrate World AIDS Day on 1 December 1988. Explain that World AIDS Day is included in eight government public health days.

AIDS is due to these reasons

-Using unsafe sex (without condom).
- By transfusing blood.
-HIV positive woman's child.
-Using a used needle a second time.
-Using infused blades.

World AIDS Day 2017: These are the 6 lies related to HIV AIDS that you have come to believe so far

Symptoms of HIV?

 (HIV / AIDS Symptoms)
Following are the symptoms of HIV / AIDS ...
-to sweat
-Steak Loss
Weight loss
-Ulti coming
Sore throat
- coughing
-Trouble breathing
Body rash
-Skin problem

Today, hardly anyone is aware of Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Actress Shabana Azmi has brought awareness about the reason for AIDS, the ease and beauty which has been explained by the advertisement. Awareness campaigns for AIDS are conducted by the government and social organizations from time to time in various ways, but ironically people remain ignorant even knowing. Like every year, World AIDS Day will be celebrated today. Under which people will be made aware of the function in various places.

But there is also a truth that even today in our country, the situation of people trapped in the cyclone of AIDS in our city is not better. After all, what is the reason for this, how much improvement is there in the situation, report based on which organizations are working in this field?

Still, have this problem today

Even today, people in our country who have AIDS are reluctant to accept this. The reason for this is discrimination at home and in society. Somewhere even today, there is a feeling of discrimination against HIV positive people. If they are treated equally, the situation can improve even further.
More patients in the lower-income group
If we talk about awareness, then people are definitely aware, so today the number of counseling people has increased. But this number is limited to the urban area and middle and upper-income group people. There is still a lack of information among the lower class people. Therefore, there is a high number of HIV positive people in this category. While many organizations are running awareness campaigns among the lower-income group people.
Intentionally unknown
People do not take precautions even after knowing the reason. The reasons that cause AIDS are ignored rather than avoided. Most people are vulnerable to AIDS due to unprotected sex and infected blood.

The aim of World Aids Day 2018 is to increase awareness about AIDS, a disease caused by HIV infection. World Aids Day 2018 Theme is 'Know your situation' in the year 2018. This means that every person should be aware of their HIV status. Aids is one of the biggest health problems in the present era. According to the report of UNICEF, 36.9 million people have fallen prey to HIV. According to the data released by the Government of India, the number of HIV patients in India is about 2.1 million.

There are many institutions in the city

Today many social workers and government organizations are working in the city against AIDS. Their aim is to make the people aware, to give the people living with AIDS an appropriate place in society, to get them treated, etc. Some of these organizations are Family Planning Association of India, Vishwas, Indian Rural Women Association, Madhya Pradesh Voluntary Health Association, District Level Network, World Vision, etc. Apart from this, AIDS counseling, test and post counseling is done at MY Hospital, District Hospital, Lal Hospital.
World aids day
Diagnosis possible with common effort
The Family Planning Association of India, Indore branch is doing the work of sensitizing people through the project of sexuality education, counseling, research, training/therapy (SECRT). The organization is working to make adolescent boys and girls aware of adolescence, AIDS, etc. Program Officer Rajendra Vyas said that it has been 50 years since the institution was formed and work has been done for AIDS for almost 10 years. School-colleges are selected under the awareness campaign, but for those who do not go to school-college, community programs or street plays are explained. Branch manager Pratul Jain says that the efforts being made for prevention of AIDS will be successful only when the government, public and social organizations try together.
HIV free society
'Faith' is a human initiative of the Holy Spirit Servant Association. Its aim is HIV-free society. This organization, formed in 2003, not only works for the health of people living with AIDS but also their economic self-reliance, counseling, and addition to the mainstream of society or family. As the director of trust organization, Sister Anthony said, from time to time, the same project was worked on with the new project. Program co-ordinator Jyoti Shippankar says that the Vishwas Community Care Center started in 2008, which besides treating AIDS, provides employment to the person concerned and his family and also gives his children the right to education.


Infected blood
Infected needles and syringes
Unprotected sex
From infected mother to baby.

Facts More than 50 lakh AIDS sufferers in India
More than 20 thousand people in the city have AIDS
Most of the patients are of the lower class.
People living away from home have an increased risk of AIDS
AIDS is also served by sharing needles for intoxication.
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