Flag Day, Armed Forces Flag Day

Flag Day

Armed Forces Flag Day or Armed Forces Flag Day is celebrated every year on 7 December. Armed Forces flag Day or Flag Day is celebrated for the purpose of the welfare of the personnel of the Indian Armed Forces. On this day, money is collected from the people of India for the personnel of Armed Forces, this money is used for the welfare of the families of the soldiers. The celebration of Armed Forces Flag Day started on 7 December 1949. Armed Forces Flag Day is observed every year since 1949 on 7 December. 

The Defense Committee of the Union Cabinet had decided to celebrate Armed Forces Flag Day on 7 December for the welfare of war veterans and their families. There are three main objectives of the collection of funds on the Armed Forces Flag Day. Firstly during the war, support for loss of life, secondly for the welfare and support of the personnel working in the army and their families and thirdly for the welfare of retired personnel and their families. On these days, the Indian Army, the Indian Air Force and the Indian Navy conduct a variety of programs. The money collected from the program is put into the 'Armed Forces Flag Day Fund'. Today, on the occasion of Flag Day, we are going to tell you the rules and laws related to hoisting the flag.

Rules and laws for hoisting the flag

1. The tricolor can always be hoisted between sunrise to sunset.
2. The tricolor is never tilted, nor is it placed on the ground. Only after the order can the flag be flown halfway on government buildings.

3. The flag can never be immersed in water, the flag is not damaged in any way. In addition to burning, damaging any part of the flag, verbally or literally insulting it, there can be up to three years in jail or fine, or both.

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4. The shape of the flag should be rectangular. Its length and width ratio should be 3: 2.

5. The tricolor should always be of cotton, silk or khadi.

6. Hoisting the tricolor by turning the saffron color downwards is wrong.

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7. The tricolor should always be hoisted at the highest place near it.

8. The National Flag is not used in any event to cover the table or decorate the stage.

The comments
9. A tricolor is never hoisted or torn. If the flag bursts, if it becomes dirty, it should be burnt in a fire in solitude or destroyed in some other way, so that its dignity remains. The flag can also be given water samadhi in the holy river.

10. Wearing tricolor clothes is wrong. Using the tricolor by making undergarments, handkerchiefs or cushions etc. is an insult to the tricolor.

.The day when respect is shown to all the armies of the country. The forces that live in the sky, land and water protect us and the borders of the country. Flag Day is a day of showing respect and love to the same forces. Also on this day, the Jabanz martyrs are also remembered, who laid down their lives for the Aan, Ban, and Shan of the Tricolor. So today every citizen of the country should think about the country and the national interest. On 23 August 1947, the Defense Committee of the Union Cabinet announced to celebrate this day. After this, Flag Day started in 1949. But several decades later, from 1993, it started being celebrated as Armed Forces Flag Day.

Funds are collected for the martyr's families
On this day, funds are also collected to help the families of martyred soldiers of the armed forces. This money is collected by giving people a sticker of dark red and blue flags. People buy this sticker by paying money. After which this amount is deposited in the Flag Day Fund. Which is used as an aid to the expenses of the treatment of the soldiers or wounded soldiers of the martyrs of the war?
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