Guru Nanak Jayanti

Guru Nanak Jayanti

The birth anniversary of Nanak Dev, the first religious leader of the 'Sikh' community, is celebrated on Kartik Purnima. The first Sikh Guru Nanak Dev ji was born on 15 April 1469 at Raibhoy place but devotees celebrate Kartik Purnima, the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak.

In the year 2019, Guru Nanak Jayanti will be celebrated on 12 November. The Sikh community celebrates Guru Nanak Jayanti with great enthusiasm and reverence. It is a festival like Diwali for them. Shabad-kirtans are performed in Gurdwaras on this day. Langars are organized at different places and Guruvani is recited.

Guru Nanak was spiritual and knowledgeable since childhood. The stories of Guru Nanak's childhood are still very relevant today. Guruji's mind was certainly not in the worldly life, but he chose the path of spirituality without renunciation. He believed that human beings have no right to turn away from their duties as saints.
10 things related to Guru Nanak

1. Guru Nanak Birthday took place in 1526 on the day of Kartik Purnima. Nanak was born in Khatrikul, a village called Talwandi, on the banks of river Ravi. Talwandi's name later became Nankana in the name of Nanak.

2. Guru Nanak Dev's father's name was Mehta Kalu and their mother's name was Trupta Devi. Nanak Dev Ji's sister's name was Nanaki.

3. Guru Nanak used to be indifferent to worldly subjects since childhood. After that, he started spending all his time in spiritual thinking and Satsang.

4. Many miraculous incidents happened during the childhood of Guru Nanak, seeing that the people of the village started considering him as having a divine personality.

5. Guru Nanak Ji started the struggle against conservatism from his childhood. He came to many pilgrimage centers to tell the evangelists about their shortcomings and urged people to stay away from bigotry.

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6. Guru Nanak was married to Mata Sulakhani in 1487. They had two sons named Srichand and Lakshmichand.

7. Guru Nanak used to say that God is one and his worship is for both Hindu Muslims. Nanak ji used to call idolatry, polytheism, unnecessary. Their views had an impact on both Hindus and Muslims.

8. It is said that his father gave 20 rupees for doing business to Nanakdev ji and said - come with these 20 rupees for a real deal. Nanak Dev ji went out to bargain. On the way, he found a congregation of sages and saints. Nanakdev Ji returned to the saints and saints after having a meal of 20 rupees. Dad asked - what did come with the deal? He said- 'Made the sadhus get food. This is the real deal.

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9. Guru Nanak Ji said that God resides in the heart of man if there are disorders of cruelty, hatred, slander, anger, etc. in the heart, then such filthy cannot be ready to sit in the heart of God.

10. Guru Nanak settled in Kartarpur in the last phase of life. He gave up his body on 25 September 1539. Before his death, he declared his disciple brother Lahna as his successor, who later became known as Guru Angad Dev.
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