Navy Day in India

Navy Day in India

When and Why Indian Navy Day is Celebrated?
On 4 December 1971, the Indian Navy launched a war against Pakistan. In this campaign, the first attack was made at the headquarters of the Navy of Pakistan, which was located in Karachi.

Three electrical class missile boats, two anti submarines, and a tanker were included in this battle of India. Indian soldiers had planned to attack Karachi in the night so that Pakistan could be defeated because Pakistan did not have any missile and pride to fight at night, so no Indian soldiers were martyred in this war. But 500 Pakistani soldiers were killed and more than 700 soldiers were injured.

There was no loss of India in this war, so this campaign is considered the most successful war in naval history after World War II in which India was the only country to win. On the success of this victory, Naval Day is celebrated every year on 4 December.

Formation of Indian Navy Formation of Indian Navy
The Indian Navy began in the 17th century. When the East India Company formed a Marine Force and established under the name of East India Company. This team was called "The Honor Able East India Company Marine", later it was changed to "The Bombay Marine".

The Navy was renamed the Royal Indian Marine at the time of India's First World War. On 26 January 1950, when India became a full republic country, the Indian Navy removed its name Royal from Royal Indian Marine. The Indian Navy had 32 naval transport ships and about 11000 officers and naval personnel.

During the Indo-Pakistani War in 1971, the Indian Navy had wiped out Karachi Harbor in Pakistan, which was the headquarters of the Pakistan Navy, by running Operation Trident. In such a situation, the Pakistan Navy was weakened and defeated by the dangerous attack of the Indian Navy.

The Indian Navy has played an important role in several major tasks in the water frontier. In 1961, the Indian Navy assisted the army in driving the Portuguese out of Goa.

The headquarters of the Indian Navy has been established in New Delhi, which is controlled by the Chief Naval Officer Admiral. The Navy is a maritime part of the Indian Army, controlled by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

At the time of World War II, the navy had expanded to about 30,000 personnel and soldiers. The Indian Navy is deployed in three areas - Visakhapatnam in the east, West Mumbai, and Kochi in the south. Which is controlled by a flag officer.

The Indian Navy has contributed a lot in making the country strong. December 4 is celebrated as Navy Day because the Indian Navy was heavily overshadowed by the Indian Navy on this day.

At present, the Indian Navy is considered as the fifth-largest army in the world. Currently, the Indian Navy has more than 78000 soldiers.

Indian Navy Day Celebrations
Indian Navy Day celebrations are organized by East Indian Naval Command in Visakhapatnam, offering floral cycles to commemorate the martyrs of the Indian Navy on the day of the Indian Navy, followed by a display of submarine ships and ships, which are seen in large numbers. Consists of local people.

With the Indian Navy

Ships - 295, Aircraft Carriers - 3, Warships - 4, Destroyers - 11, Fighter Ships - 23, Submarines - 15, Petrol Craft - 139, Warship Ships - 6.

While the Pakistani Navy

Ships - 197, Aircraft Carriers - 0, Battle Ships - 10, Destroyers - 0, Fighter Ships - 0, Submarines - 8, Petrol Craft - 17, War Ships - 3
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