New Year wishes pic 2020

New Year Information(New Year wishes pic 2020)

New Year is celebrated as a festival at different places all over the world with different dates and methods. Because there are many calendars all over the world and the new year of every calendar is different. Its importance also varies among different cultures. According to an estimate, there are about 50 calendars (almanacs) in India alone and many of them are held on different days in the new year.
New Year wishes pic 2020

New Year History - New Year Kyu Manaya Jata hai

The celebration of the New Year (Naya Saal) was celebrated on March 21 in Babylon more than 4000 years ago, which was also considered the date of the arrival of spring. Even in ancient Rome, the New Year festival was celebrated only.

 New Year wishes pic 2020

The New Year celebrated on 1 January is actually based on the Gregorian calendar. It has its origins in the Roman calendar. The new year of the traditional Roman calendar begins on 1 March. The famous Roman emperor Julius Caesar changed this calendar in 47 BCE and added the month of July to it. After this, based on the name of his nephew, it was added in the month of August. Then for the first time in the world, the New Year was celebrated on 1 January.

New Year wishes pic 2020 The calendar which is prevalent around the world today was prepared in 1582 by Pope Gregory VIII. Gregory provided for a leap year in it. Another cult of Christians, the 'Eastern Orthodox Church' and its followers, reject the Gregorian calendar as the traditional Roman calendar. According to this calendar, the new year is celebrated on 14 January. According to the recognition of this calendar, New Year is celebrated on 14 January in Georgia, Russia, Jerusalem, Serbia etc.

New Year in India - Indian New Year Calendar

There are many calendarers in India too. At this time Vikram Samvat, Shak Samvat, Hijri Samvat, Fasli Samvat, Bangla Samvat, Buddhist Samvat, Jain Samvat, Khalsa Samvat, Tamil Samvat, Malayalam Samvat, Telugu Samvat etc. are very popular. Each of them has its own new year. The most popular era in the country is Vikram and Saka era. The Vikram Samvat is believed to have been started by the Gupta emperor Vikramaditya in memory of defeating the Shakas at Ujjayini. This era started in 58 BC. Vikram Samvat starts from Pratipada of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month. It is at this time that Chaitra Navratri begins. On the day of Chaitra Shukla Pratipada, New Year is celebrated in various parts of India, apart from North India, as Gudi Padwa and Ugadi. Sindhi people celebrate New Year as Chetty Chandra on this day.

New Year wishes pic 2020 Shaka Savant is also known as Shalivahana Shaka Samvat. It is believed to have been started by the Saka Emperor Kanishka in 78 AD. After independence, the Government of India made a minor reshuffle in this doubt era and adopted it as a national era. The National Year of the New Year is on March 22, while in the leap year it is March 21. Chaitra Shukla Pratipada is celebrated with a view to the Vikram Samvat.New Year wishes pic 2020

New Year wishes pic 2020

Apart from this, New Year is celebrated on 13 April in Punjab under the name Baishakhi. According to the Sikh Nanakshahi calendar, 14 March is Hola Mohalla New Year. Around this date also comes the Bengali and Tamil New Year. Telugu new year falls between March-April. In Andhra Pradesh, it is celebrated as Ugadi (Ugadi = era + abrogation of etc.). It is the first day of Chaitra month. Tamil new year Vishu is celebrated on 13 or 14 April in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Pongal is also officially celebrated as the new year on 15 January in Tamil Nadu. The Kashmiri calendar Navreh takes place on 19 March.

Celebrated in Maharashtra in the month of March-April as Gudi Padwa, Kannada New Year Ugadi is celebrated on the first day of Chaitra month by the people of Karnataka, Sindhi festival Chetty Chand, Ugadi and Gudi Padwa are celebrated on the same day. In Madurai, Chitraya Thiruvija is celebrated as New Year in Chitraiya month. Marwari New Year is on the day of Deepawali. Gujarati New Year is on the second day of Deepawali. This day is also the new year of Jainism. But it is not comprehensive. Comes in October or November. The Bengali New Year Pohela Baisakhi falls on 14 or 15 April. New Year is celebrated on this day in West Bengal and Bangladesh.

New Year in various countries - New Year in Other Countries
India, a neighboring country of India and one of the country's old civilizations, also has its own calendar. According to almost all old civilizations, the calendar of China is also based on the lunar census. Its new year falls from 21 January to 21 February. The Japanese New Year is also known as 'Guantan-Sai' or 'Oshogatsu'. Mahayana Buddhism takes place on January 7, January 11 in Ancient Scott, New Year January 12 in Ivan Valley, Wales, New Year on January 14 in Soviet Russia's Orthodox Churches, Armenia and Rome. The New Year begins on January 21 in Celtic, Korea, Vietnam, Tibet, Lebanon and China. In ancient Ireland, the New Year is celebrated on 1 February, then in ancient Rome on 1 March.

In addition, the new year of Baha'i, Telugu and Jamshedi (Zoroastrian) in Iran, ancient Russia and India begin on March 21. In ancient Britain the New Year begins on 25 March. There was a tradition in ancient France to start your new year from 1 April. This day is also known as 'April Fool'.

People from Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Lao celebrate Buddhist New Year on 7 April. Some followers of Buddhism celebrate the new year on 17 April, the day of Buddha Purnima. New year on 15 April in Assam, Parsi AThe New Year begins on April 22, and the Babylonian New Year begins on April 24. In ancient Greek, the New Year was celebrated on 21 June. In ancient Germany it was a tradition to celebrate the new year on 29 June and in ancient America on 1 July. Similarly, the Armenian calendar starts on 9 July while Myanmar's new year starts on 21 July.
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