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World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day

Government and non-governmental health organizations, combined to form a strategy to fight against cancer by uniting all people on a global basis, with its precautionary steps, its treatment and spreading the real message about this epidemic World Cancer Day is celebrated every year on February 4 all over the world to remember all efforts by the nation, WHO. It is celebrated to plan some new strategies as well as to implement some new programs which help to make more and more people aware of this disease. These events are held annually under the supervision of the Central International Cancer Control (UICC) and other major health organizations involved in the fight against cancer.

Cancer Day 2020
World Cancer Day 2019 will be celebrated all over the world on Monday, February 4.

World Cancer Day 2020 special
Like every year, various programs were organized across the country on World Cancer Day this year to bring awareness among people about cancer. On this day, children were given all kinds of information related to cancer disease and in addition, many special programs were organized in hospitals on World Cancer Day. These included providing maximum information about cancer to the people, alerting people about its myths and misconceptions and programs such as public awareness rally.

An awareness rally was organized on Sunday, February 3, on behalf of the Mahamana Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya Cancer Institute of the Tata Trust, located at Kashi Hindu University, the premier university of Varanasi, the prime minister's parliamentary constituency. This rally was taken through the Sir Sunder Lal Hospital to Lanka Crossroads. In which employees and participants were given important information about cancer by raising awareness slogans like "Save the knowledge of cancer".

Awareness rally was organized by Lions Club Umang in Ajmer city of Rajasthan on the day of World Cancer Day 2020. In which people were informed about the causes of cancer and side effects of tobacco consumption. This rally was organized by the students of the Government Uma Balika Vidyalaya at Vaishali Nagar Aateed at 10.15 am on Monday. Along with this, an anti-addiction awareness rally was also organized by the women of the city at 11 am on February 4 in the city of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. More than 100 women participated in this rally and people were informed about the ill effects of intoxication and the cancer caused by it.

Every year, millions of people lose their lives due to cancer and its main reason is tobacco consumption. Keeping this theme in mind, an awareness program was organized in Patna AIIMS from February 4 to February 8. Under this, people were also given information about the symptoms of cancer and its prevention.

In the Betul district of Madhya Pradesh, on the occasion of World Cancer Day, various social organizations of the city jointly formed a 12 km long human chain to make people aware. The making of human chain started on February 4 at 8 am. So far 1300 people have been invited to the program of this human series.

History of world cancer day

The plan to commemorate World Cancer Day was launched in Geneva, Switzerland in 1933 under the control of the UICC (Central International Cancer Control) and with the help of various other renowned cancer societies, research institutes, treatment centers and patients groups. To control and fight this deadly disease, World Cancer Day program was established to fulfill all the requirements.

According to a report, it is worth noting that more than 12.7 million people have been diagnosed with cancer, as well as 7 million people die from the disease every year. To protect against the risk of this infectious disease and to follow its precautionary steps, instruct people to check its symptoms as well as to save millions of lives from cancer. February 4 has been set up specifically to teach them about proper eating, regular and proper physical activity, and to learn how to prevent carcinogenic elements or conditions, etc. to spread awareness among people about cancer.

World Cancer Day

How is World Cancer Day celebrated?
Major health organizations as well as non-governmental organizations participate by organizing camps, awareness programs, rallies, speeches, seminars, etc. to spread a special message about cancer prevention and its prevention. Various controlled measures policy has been implemented and people are encouraged to join in large numbers.

The public, health organizations and other non-governmental organizations are encouraged and requested by many methods before celebrating this day to participate during the celebration. Common citizens are the main targets of this program, for which this message is spread and distributed so that cancer can be controlled. Accordingly, a tool for better support by the UICC, which has a mold, information sheet, and instructions, is made available to various organizations.

This program among the people and the resultIt is celebrated every year by using a special theme to make Nedrit. According to a report, in terms of different types of cancer and mortality per year, liver cancer / 6,10,000, lung cancer / 1.3 million, colorectal cancer / 6,39,000, stomach cancer / 8,03,000, breast cancer / 5,19,000 etc. people (middle and low income).

While celebrating the festival, people are targeted to tell them about the dangers of causing cancer such as tobacco use, excessive weight, eating less vegetables and fruits, little or no physical activity, alcohol use , HPV infection, air pollution in urban areas, indoor smoking, genetic threat, excessive sun exposure etc. Apart from human papilloma virus and hepatitis B, people are also made aware about the methods of vaccination.

Why is World Cancer Day celebrated?

Before this, World Cancer Day is celebrated to make the common people aware of the cancer prevention measures and dangers for detection or prevention. Generally, a person suffering from cancer is considered as hatred and untouchable by the common people. There are various types of social myths related to cancer in common people, such as living with or touching a cancer victim, they can also get this fatal disease. This day is also celebrated to end such myth. Due to this, it is celebrated to create general awareness about all the reality of cancer like symptoms and treatment etc.

Various programs are organized on this day to show the people that the person suffering from cancer should not be treated separately, they should have the right to live like a common man in the society and no relationship should be changed for them Want Their wishes should be fulfilled by their relatives, even if they are unlikely to live. It is very important that they should feel good like a normal person and should not feel as if they are being given some treatment because they are about to die. They need to feel self-respect and a normal environment in their society and home.

The common person should refrain from sharing excessive stories of failure or their failure with cancer victims as their pain and fear can become unbearable for them. To make their journey easy and happy or to defeat cancer and to boost their morale, to feel energetic and to give them self confidence, they should tell some positive stories.

According to statistics, it is worth noting that most cancer cases and deaths (47% and 55% respectively) occur in less developed regions of the world. If it is not controlled, by 2030 it could reach a more dangerous level. That is why it is very important that it be controlled in every corner of the world.

During this program people are encouraged to be good about their good lifestyle, controlled diet, regular physical activity and weight management to reduce the risk of presence of cancer. They are encouraged to get rid of their alcohol addiction, unhealthy diet and physical stability.

Common myths and facts about cancer
Here are some common myths and facts about cancer among common people, which are very important to remove and to get control over it, one has to understand its reality very well.

People generally think that cancer tissue is only a matter of health when it is not.
Common people understand that cancer is a disease of rich and old people whereas it is a global and infectious disease which can happen to people of all ages.
The common man feels that suffering from cancer is like a punishment, but now most cancers are curable.
Common people feel that cancer was in their destiny whereas in 30% of cases it can be cured and prevented for the whole life.
World Cancer Day Theme

World Cancer Day is celebrated every year on some special theme; Here are the themes of some years:

The theme of the 2007 World Cancer Day was "Children's Today, World's Tomorrow".
The theme of 2008 World Cancer Day was "Give children and young people a smoke-free environment".
The theme of 2009 World Cancer Day was "I love my healthy active childhood".
The theme of the 2010 World Cancer Day was "Vaccination for the prevention of liver cancer related viruses".
The theme of the 2011 World Cancer Day was "Education of children and youth through measures to avoid sunlight".
The theme of 2012 World Cancer Day was "Together it's possible".
The theme of the 2013 World Cancer Day was "Cancer - Did You Know?"
The theme of the 2014 World Cancer Day was "expose myths".
The theme of 2015 World Cancer Day was "not outside our borders".
The theme of World Cancer Day of 2016, 2017 and 2018 was "We can. I can do it. "

For the three years from 2019 to 2021, the theme of World Cancer Day has been "I am and I will".

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