Amazing Thoughts Quotes With fact pic

Amazing Thoughts Quotes With fact pic

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Whoever has patience, he can get whatever he wants…

If you really want to achieve anything in your life, never change your ways, your intentions.

Amazing Thoughts Quotes With fact pic

Continuous labor is your partner of success, so make labor positive, not destructive. Labor also commits a criminal, but its goal is only to harm someone or to kill him.

We do not see things the way they are, but we see things the way we are. -

Life is neither in the future, nor in the past, life is only in the present.

Amazing Thoughts Quotes With fact pic

It is the challenge that makes life exciting, and this creates the importance of your life. -

Non-cooperation with evil is a sacred duty of man. - Mahatma Gandhi

The calamity is washed away by the diamond so that the conscience glows its gems.

First, they will not pay attention to you, then they will laugh at you, then they will fight with you, and you will go.

Amazing Thoughts Quotes With fact pic

The man who bears his anger on his own, he escapes the wrath of others. - Socrates

Karma is the mirror that shows us our nature. Therefore, we should be grateful to karma. - Vinoba Bhave

To do good is not a pleasure, because it enhances your health and happiness. - Zarathushtra

Poverty is a test of humility and a test of friendship. - Hazlitt

Amazing Thoughts Quotes With fact pic

Poverty is more painful than being poor. - Premchand

Every work is done on its own time, as the flowers and fruits in the plants come on their own time. - Vrind

Conflict makes a person strong and strong, no matter how weak he is.

Every man can make a mistake, but only fools are firm on him. - Cicero

Amazing Thoughts Quotes With fact pic

Being ignorant is not as shameful as not wanting to learn.
Almost everything in the world is broken only by stumbling, there is only one success, which is found only after stumbling.

One who does not make mistakes, often cannot do anything. - a. J. Felps

People who give up trying to give up, or do not want to admit their mistake, such people can never succeed in their life, because such people's attitude towards everything becomes completely negative.

Nobody plans to be lazy and foolish. All these things happen only if you do not have a plan. - Larry Winget

Amazing Thoughts Quotes With fact pic

No man becomes big and great without making many and big mistakes. - Gladston

Character is tree, reputation is shade. - Abraham Lincoln

Life is not in finding oneself, but life is in making oneself. -

The only principle of the world is that, as long as there is work, the name is there, the rest is a salute from a distance.

Doing good to the wicked is like doing evil to the gentlemen. - Plain

Garib is one whose expenditure is more than income. -

Happiness is health, sadness is the opposite of it. -

Amazing Thoughts Quotes With fact pic

Whoever is afraid of losing is sure to lose. - Napoleon

The owl is not seen in the day, the crow is not seen at night, but the scarcity is blind which is neither perceived in the day nor in the night. - corrupt

It is best not to do karma - Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta

A nihilistic person sees only difficulties at every opportunity, whereas an optimistic person sees opportunities in every difficulty.

It is a matter of issue if the floors are not found, but if we do not even try, it is absolutely wrong.

Amazing Thoughts Quotes With fact pic

Kama, anger and greed are the three hells. - Kabir

Man's life is because he fought against tyranny. - Subhash Chandra Bose

Health is the main principle of happiness and the main principle of health is exercise. - Tamson

Make your dreams come true on your own, otherwise someone else will buy you to make their dreams come true. -

When in anger, think ten times and say, when in a more angry state, think a thousand times. - jefferson

Amazing Thoughts Quotes With fact pic

He who does the good of others, does his own good by himself. Goodness is not in the fruit, but only in the doing; Because the very act of performing good deeds is a good reward. - Seneca

Become deaf if you want to move forward
All but a few people are going to drop morale.

May every heart be fulfilled by everyone,
There should be no sadness, no happiness is incomplete.

When the pain and the bitter quote both seemed sweet,
Then take a society that life has come.

It is fun to be silent,
The foundation stones never speak.

Amazing Thoughts Quotes With fact pic

Life always gives you a new opportunity,
In simple words, it is called "tomorrow".

Life is short, what is the dispute about,
If you live in your heart then what is the wall

Now some people take the city and plunder it,
If you deal with the heart, then just buy the buyer.

God bothers good people but never leaves,
God gives a lot to bad people but does not support.

Never do two things in life if possible,
Love to a hot person and a game to a real person.

Amazing Thoughts Quotes With fact pic

What do you think of Jio people according to your-
She varies according to condi-
If the fly falls in the tea, then throw the tea -
And if desi ghee falls, then throw maize

There is only one way to know the possible limit,
To overtake the impossible.

Keep some speed of life
No enemy can get ahead and no friend can be left behind.

Anger is an acid that is put on something,
More damage to the character in which he is kept.

Amazing Thoughts Quotes With fact pic

If we think about happiness, we will be happy,
If we think about grief, then we are sadWill be

One day we will lose each other thinking like this
If they don't remember me then why should we remember

Who has come to the art of using time properly,
He has understood the secret of success.

One should not be disappointed with the constant failures,
Sometimes the last key of the flakes unlocks the lock.

No matter how high you rise in life,
Never forget your days of poverty and hardship.

The distance between the possible and the impossible,
It depends on the determination of the person.

Amazing Thoughts Quotes With fact pic

Neither be so bitter nobody can ruin
And be so sweet that someone swallows

Never allow yourself to be weak
Because seeing the sinking, people start closing the doors of the house.

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