why is the sky blue

Why is the sky blue?

You will always ask questions to your parents and your teacher in childhood.

And if you do not know the answer.

So by reading this article, you will get complete information about it.

Why are the skies blue?

Why is sky blue in sunlight?
To understand this, first, we need to know about the rays of the sun,

You must know that when we pass through the sun rays prism.

So the rays of the sun are divided into 7 colors, violet, blue, sky green, yellow, orange, red.

Actually, we must have read this science for white color, and the rays of the sun are also really white.

Now, pay some attention here, in our earth's atmosphere there are different types of gases, dust particles, water vapor.

When the rays of the sun enter our earth's atmosphere.

Then these rays collide with dust, gaseous water vapor, etc. present in the atmosphere and break into 7 colors and spread in the atmosphere.

Rays that have a higher wavelength tend to spread less in the atmosphere (red, orange, yellow).

And the rays which have less wavelength spread more in the atmosphere (sky, purple, blue, green).

Short wavelength rays are very inclined, so they spread more in the atmosphere.

That is, blue, violet, sky spreads more in the atmosphere.

But still, we see only blue sky. Why so

Our eyes fulfill the right task
They are the sensitivity of our eye which makes us see the sky blue.

Our eye can detect colors of wavelengths ranging from 380 nanometers to 750 nanometers.

Neither less nor more. Now when we look at the vision spectrum graph.

So if we find, then we find that the sensitivity of our eye is the highest on blue-green color.

The sensitivities of blue color are up to 495 nanometers, the sensitivity of purple ranges from 380 nm to 450 nm only.

At which sensitivity of our eye is lower than blue.

That is why the sky appears blue to us. (why the sky is blue in English)

why is sky blue in English

So now you might have found the answer to the question of why the skies are blue.

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